Some recent testimonials from Managing Directors about the value to them and to their companies of Boardroom Coaching

The following quotes are from both Owner Managing Directors and Chief Executives of UK & US companies. These clients include manufacturing and service companies ranging from 6 to 600 staff, with sales turnovers ranging from £200k to £30m per annum.

All these clients have more than tripled their profits within the past 2 to 3 years after working with Boardroom Coaching. They have achieved these successes through a combination of winning GOLD™ strategies, that can be acquired cheaply from sites like this one for example by:

  • “Developing and implementing a powerful, 2 year plan for my business”
    Ben Marsh, i-Meta, Financial Software
  • “Radically repositioning our core service for our clients to give us high & ongoing revenues”
    David Dean, D & R, Business Development Services
  • “Developing much higher value products for our retailers and end-users”
    Paul Stephenson, NAIM, Audio products
  • “Recruiting and building a talented management team that thinks strategically”
    Robert McIlwraith, AmSafe Bridport, Securement products for aircraft
  • “Mapping and streamlining our key business processes to double our productivity”
    Johann Edward, EIMS, International telemarketing for IT companies
  • “Empowering my management team to achieve outstanding results”
    Lee Cooper, Hudson-Cooper, Financial Recruitment
  • “Managing my group of companies superbly through effective key performance indicators”
    Ted Greenwood, AmSafe Logistics & Support, Spare Parts for aircraft

  • “Selling our products & services strategically to major clients”
    Garry Moore, Burnett Group, Insurance for Computers
  • “Substantially improving our UK manufacturing & transforming our sales operation in Europe”
    Keith Reilly, Alfatronix, Voltage Converters
  • “As Chief Executive, significantly changing my role and how I spend my time”
    Nigel Smith, Ellis Jones, Solicitors